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Subtle signs that a woman is sexually attracted to you

It is very hard for women to tell you that you are sexually attractive as this sounds to be a taboo in this part of Africa. 

How do you know or tell if a lady is sexually attracted to you? 

Let us consider some of the common and intricate signs. 

She always initiates contact with you

A lady who is attracted to you will not really tell you. But she will continue to tell you through her actions. She will try to get closer to you in order to get closer to you by sitting, standing or stand closer to you. She will even like to touch you while conversing with you. 

She will always compliment you

Compliments are always from people who love and appreciate you. But you receive more compliments from a woman who loves you. Bear this in mind. 

She smiles at you often

Smile is a sure and absolute indication of someone who is interested in you (be it your friend or a member of the opposite sex). If you catch a lady always smiling at you, it is a sure indication of her love for you. 

A sexually attracted woman initiates a conversation

Whether she holds herself or not, in as much she is into you, she will never hold herself back from initiating conversations. This she does by using any means to introduce anything to talk about.  

She dresses sexily

You probably had noticed the way she used to dress. But because she likes you, she will do her best to dress in a sexy manner to know how to put you in. 

She takes the initiative 

Since you have not been able to realize all her move mentioned above, she will take things into her own hands by a kiss or stuff like this. 

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TonikoBobman Oct 20

Nice one

EZYX00 Oct 18

all in all take it easily guys

WesternOla Oct 15

Lumi what your a scam, then to make me believe you send me money

Iromanbd1 Oct 15

Very 9ce one

promise5010 Oct 15

Men beware!


Evil things are delicate.


Mens be wise

JJCalvin Oct 10

illumminati IS EVIL - satanic.





Danbaba1935 Oct 09

i am always fear a woment but i interested

Mercy505094 Oct 01


Rockboy4121 Sep 23

idiot u want cheap money fool u Rita

OKJOE2 Sep 19

Guys dont be blind.Open your eyes and see the devil's tricks.

Emmanuelgodsent Sep 18

that is why ladies/women to come out of that dull shell. Tell one how u feel and a reasonable man will help u out. happy weekend to everyone

jonesolar Sep 16


diddy5600 Sep 12

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diddy5600 Sep 12

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